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Weight Loss — All the Tools, None of the Details

Eat the rainbow... useful! Over the last six years or so, I’ve lost 50 pounds. I am sooooo slow to lose weight and so quick to gain it that it’s ridiculous. I’m at my very last few pounds at this point. I am finishing another year of Precision Nutrition Coaching, which helped with fitness. I’m… Continue reading Weight Loss — All the Tools, None of the Details

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That Weight Loss Thing — Hey Look, Workout Pictures!

So it's the end of our second year of Precision Nutrition Coaching. Before anything else, I'd like to acknowledge John Berardi and Phil Caravaggio, co-founders of Precision Nutrition, for creating something awesome that has helped me and Rich a ton. And we have had awesome coaches. Scott Quick was Rich's coach both years. My coaches… Continue reading That Weight Loss Thing — Hey Look, Workout Pictures!

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Holidays and Stress

The holidays are coming!  As Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness put it, “Winter is coming and cake is delicious.”  We had better get ready -- because all the healthy behaviors from the rest of the year will now be put to the test.  I know they have for me, many times. MyFitnessPal graphs my weights… Continue reading Holidays and Stress

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Health, nutrition, and our environments

I've been thinking about environment a lot. Our environments shape our choices, our moods, our thoughts. When I'm walking outside in the quiet dark of early morning, I think quiet, early morning thoughts. Add AirPods and a podcast, and I think about the subject of the podcast. Add AirPods and a meditation app, and I'm… Continue reading Health, nutrition, and our environments