What I Did to… Learn About You

Time to learn about you! (Yes, you! And you, too.) . If you're reading this , I want to know about you. I got the idea from V at MillenialLifeCrisis. She invited people on her blog to introduce themselves in the comments on a pinned post. With her permission (thanks, V!), I'm flat copying the… Continue reading What I Did to… Learn About You

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I hit a milestone!

Back in the spring, I did some work that led me to really think hard about where I am going in my professional life. Not that things are bad where I am; quite the contrary! Things are good enough that I can think about how to make them even better. While doing that thinking, I… Continue reading I hit a milestone!

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What I Did To… Get Back to Writing

I haven't been writing here much. (You probably hadn't noticed.) I got bogged down trying to tell investing stories and it has taken me all this time to figure out why: I never really learned how to invest. (You'd think that would have been obvious. I'm kinda slow.) Writing about investing is hard. My brain… Continue reading What I Did To… Get Back to Writing