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Thoughts on the Marketplace

Have you been to the Internet lately? The gig economy means that absolutely everyone has something to sell. I realize that this has always been true in some way — we’ve always exchanged our labor for snacks in some way.

Still. Now I can buy workout programs, nutrition programs, apps, songs, art, mathematics, writing, editing, photography… literally anything. And like the bazaars I visited in Europe and Israel when I was younger, I find it LOUD. And confusing. It takes far too much time to decide things. Is Nerd Fitness better than Girls Gone Strong better than Daily Burn better than random workouts on YouTube? Argh.

Thanks, South Bend Airport, for the perfect sign of the times.

There are, of course, things that delineate what’s better for me. Random workouts on YouTube don’t have a program structure, and I need structure. Nerd Fitness has a love of Hobbits and Vulcans and Wookiee and pull-ups that I find appealing. Girls Gone Strong is for women. Daily Burn is free for a month with the DietBet I just joined.

Still. The sheer work of shopping, which I’ve never liked in the first place, has grown with the availability of great stuff. Saying no is getting harder.  And the thought of hanging my own shingle out there in that wilderness is kind of overwhelming. How in the world would anyone even hear me?

Starting my next DietBet.  Note the slightly manic smile.

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