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What I Did To (WID2) … Lose Weight (Dating Rich)

So in August 2005, I was at 185 pounds.  I was still trying to lose more weight, as I wanted to get back to what I knew a healthy weight was for me.  Late that month, after Rich and I had been ghosting after each other online for weeks, I went to visit our mutual friend the witch.  She, in her kind and direct way, told me that though the love I had for my ex was unique, perhaps lightning could strike twice in my life.  And that perhaps, just maybe, I should give him a call.

So, like any wuss, I sent him a text.

Okay, okay.  I knew he would be in the midst of getting his boys to bed and wouldn’t be able to talk until later.  So he called me when things had quieted down, and we talked for what felt like hours.  He told me some of the misadventures he’d had in the last ten months, and I told him some of mine.  (The story of all this, and a lot more, is in documented in a 537 page download from a long-lost bulletin board.  Someday I’ll convert that story to posts here, but it will take a long time.  It’s 144,000 words.  Luckily, it won’t start in the darkest days; I’m pretty sure those are lost in some deletion of posts from another site.  That’s just as well… they were dark, dark days, and even if I start from when things were changing, some of that darkness will still have to be told.)

In any case, this is still a story about weight loss.  So from August 2005 to July 2006, I stayed at roughly 185.  I have a few vivid memories of food from that time.  The very first time he visited me in Maryland after that, I took us on a late-night picnic.  Bread, wine, cheese, grapes, chocolate.  The first time I visited him in Ohio, there were biscuits and eggs for breakfast and a trip to a local dairy for ice cream.  (Also Lehman’s hardware, which is famous and near where he used to live.). There were evenings at high school football games — his oldest son was in the marching band, the younger boys hung out and played with their friends, and that’s just what you do in a small town in the autumn — so there was hot chocolate and nachos with that gooey “cheese” sauce.

Somehow, through plane flights and late nights and being head-over-heels for him, I stayed at 185.  And that’s where I started posting about this on The Motley Fool, so now you’ll get some more accurate memories.  About time, eh?

7 thoughts on “What I Did To (WID2) … Lose Weight (Dating Rich)”

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