What I Did To… (WID2) Create a Blog (part 3)

I spent some of today looking through other WordPress blogs.  I read a couple of blogs from people who have come to read mine.   (Hi @theselfhelpwhisperer, @lifetastesbetteronabudget, and @bomihill!)

I read a couple of posts that were at the top of the WordPress reader page, including Rebecca Has Two Mommies, which hits my heart in all kinds of ways, and A Funeral and a Turf War, which was a delightful story of the discovery of a bit of other people’s lives in the mementoes of a grandmother.

I read a LongReads post — Somewhere Under My Left Ribs: A Nurse’s Story.  Wow.  Powerful.

I came away absolutely amazed at how many people can write exceptionally well.  So much I can learn from these excellent authors!  More than a little humbled as well.  And I wonder what we are making of our world, that so many of us can speak so well and to so many others.  How will this change who we are and how we think?  Will it just become Facebook, full of cat pictures and memes and political ranting, or is there something more that we are in the midest of becoming, but we can’t even see it because, well, who sees their own growth?

I have no idea.  I’ll just keep trying to do justice to the things I want to write about.  But boy oh boy, this is a fascinating place.

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